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Discover the Villa Ombrone

Our olive oil

Cultivated traditionally, our olive trees thrive on slopy grounds, naturally rich in minerals, which give our olive oil its authentic taste.

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Our commitment to art: the foundation

The aims of the Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation are to welcome artists through a residency programme, and to promote artistic and cultural activities in Tuscany and beyond.

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An ideal location

Between Siena and the sea, at the heart of Etruscan land, the Villa Ambretta is very easy to access: it is a two-hour drive away from the airports of Pisa, Florence and Rome, and 15 minutes away from Grosseto.

Our commitment to sustainability

During three thousand years, since Etruscan time, the inhabitants of the region have fostered a symbiotic and respectful relationship with the land, which we honour every day through various comitments.

What we recommend

We passionately love this Tuscan region called Maremma, and we will be delighted to help you get to know it by sharing a few of our favourite spots: a nice restaurant, a beautiful beach, an interesting museum, a medieval village with empty streets...

Our latest updates

Life at the Villa Ambretta
Carpe diem

October 2021

The quality of olive oil depends on a number of different variables. The most central one is, of course, the olives, as each variety produces an oil with a distinct flavour profile. In our olive fields, we cultivate five different varieties of olive trees, which all have the "PGI - Tuscany" certification.

It is then time for the harvest. It is carried out when the green olives start to darken and take on a lovely brownish-purple colour. Olive oils that have been harvested at the right time will be flavourful and have a slight spicy aftertaste, and can have a delicately bitter finish.

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September 2021

This summer, we obtained the "IGP - Tuscany" certification, the protected geographical indication for Tuscany, for all 6 of our olive tree fields.

The inspection focused on the 2744 trees that we cultivate, and it certified that they belonged to typical Tuscan varieties, such as Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, Pentollino and Rosselino.

The certification also looked at the way we prune our olive trees, which had to comply with the traditional olive oil making practices of Tuscany. This specific method gives our olive tree fields the classical postcard-like aspect of Tuscan landscapes.

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August 2021

The August heat wraps around the Tuscan countryside. The machines have gone back to their barn. The tractors have stopped trying to work the ground, hardened by the sun. At dawn, the cool, crisp air is sometimes broken by a farmer stacking dry hay.

Nature is all about calm and rest.

However, in this heavy heat, a little bug is very busy: the olive fruit fly, trying to lay its eggs in the young olives. The fruits, weakened by the larvae, will fall to the ground before they reach maturity.

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