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Vivere in Maremma

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Discover the Villa Ombrone

Our olive oil

Cultivated traditionally, our olive trees thrive on slopy grounds, naturally rich in minerals, which give our olive oil its authentic taste.

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Our commitment to art: the foundation

The aims of the Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation are to welcome artists through a residency programme, and to promote artistic and cultural activities in Tuscany and beyond.

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An ideal location

Between Siena and the sea, at the heart of Etruscan land, the Villa Ambretta is very easy to access: it is a two-hour drive away from the airports of Pisa, Florence and Rome, and 15 minutes away from Grosseto.

Our commitment to sustainability

During three thousand years, since Etruscan time, the inhabitants of the region have fostered a symbiotic and respectful relationship with the land, which we honour every day through various comitments.

What we recommend

We passionately love this Tuscan region called Maremma, and we will be delighted to help you get to know it by sharing a few of our favourite spots: a nice restaurant, a beautiful beach, an interesting museum, a medieval village with empty streets...

Our latest updates

Life at the Villa Ambretta
Carpe diem

August 2022

Summer in Tuscany comes with long, warm days that surround the Villa Ambretta in a soft slumber.

From the early hours of the morning, the blinds open onto a strong sun that no cloud in the blue sky will be able to hide. In the shade, the terrace smells of coffee and dry, hot grass. Another hot summer day; soon, the morning birdsongs will be replaced by the repetitive chirping of the cicadas.

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July 2022

When people see Tuscany for the first time, they are immediately struck by the beauty of the landscape, which has been sculpted by its inhabitants for centuries.

Then, as they get to know the region, the diversity of the lines becomes more apparent. The empty and colour-changing slopes of the San Gimignano region, the orderly Chianti vines, the soft, bronze-coloured hills of the Senese, the cypress alleys of the Val d'Orcia, and the pines along the coast are only some examples of this Tuscan diversity. 

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June 2022

During the height of winter, when the sun sets early, it is difficult to imagine the warmth of the month of June and the long summer evenings spent outside.

But at last, here we are. June has come, bringing with it those wonderful nights.

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