The aims of the Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation are to welcome artists through a residency programme, and to promote artistic and cultural activities in Tuscany and beyond.

During the summer, the Foundation welcomes visual artists and musicians.

The Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation seeks to encourage encounters and exchanges between the artists in the residency programme, and the guests staying in the Villas.

We also organise exhibitions and events on the estate but also throughout the Maremma region, including in the nearby city of Grosseto.


The Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation offers housing, workshops and an exhibition room in order to welcome creators in the residency programme.

A large part of the benefits from the villa rentals is dedicated to financing the Foundation.

The residency programme

Artists and authors will be housed for stays between two and three months long (between June and August) in independant flats equipped with their own kitchen.

Artists will be able to use an art studio, while musicians will have a music studio at their disposal.

Artists and authors will be encouraged to share their creative work on the Villa Ambretta website, and to participate in events and exhibitions organised by the Villa Ambretta Arte Foundation.

N.B. - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the residency programme has been interrupted since the summer of 2020. Expansion works are planned to take place in 2022 and 2023, to better welcome artists during the summer of 2024.