The Maremma region is located on the coastal side of Tuscany - there are therefore various beautiful beaches near the Villa Ambretta.

We have selected three of them for this section, but there are many others that you might want to discover yourself.

principina a mare
Spiaggia delle Capanne e dei Tronchi (20min from the Villa Ambretta)

58100 Principina a Mare
(See Google maps for the itinerary)

This beach is the closest to the Villa Ambretta, and it neighbours the natural park of Maremma. As it is next to the Ombrone river, many branches and tree trunks end up on the sand. Overtime, beachgoes have assembled some of them into cabins and other hiding spots, creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere.

Once your car is parked, go towards the sea and to your left.




oasi san feliceSpiaggia Oasi San Felice (35min from the Villa Ambretta)

Strada Provinciale 158
58100 Grosseto
Phone number: + 39 0564 600600

In the middle of a protected zone, managed by the WWF, this beach is wonderfully wild. It can be accessed through a beautiful track that meanders between maritime pines and myrtle bushes, along a canal dug by Leopold of Lorraine in 1833. In the early hours of the morning and in the evening, you will be able to hear the songs of many water birds.

(Coming from Grosseto, after passing the bridge on the Fiumara di S. Leopoldo, turn right immediately after onto the dedicated parking area. The beach and its parking area are located 8km south of Castiglione della Pescaia).

With its gently slopy sea floor, this large beach is ideal for children. Various facilities will allow you to rent deckhairs and sun umbrellas. The southernmost part of the beach is lined with reefs and rocks, in which you can dive in the clear water.

Spiaggia delle Rochette (45min from the Villa Ambretta)

Strada Provinciale delle Rochette
58043 Roccamare (GR)

Nudist beaches

Many beaches have dedicated spaces for it. The list can for example be found at the following link: