Summer nights in Tuscany are already wonderful - spending them outside watching an opera live is an even better way to enjoy them. After all, Italy is the land of lyrical arts. La Traviata, Rigoletto and La Bohème are waiting for you...

Beyond the four events that we will list in this section, you will be able to find many other musical evenings from the cultural foundation of Grosseto, and most importantly the festival Morellino Classica.

One word of advice: before your stay at the Villa Ambretta, do a little bit of internet research to find the pieces you would like to listen to and book your seats. If needed, contact us - we will happily to it for you.

The Roselle quarry (15min from the Villa Ambretta)

Cava di Roselle
Strada Chiarini
Roselle (GR)
Phone number: + 39 348 480 0409

The Roselle quarry is a cool and pleasant place where people dine with their friends during summer nights. It is also particularly appropriate for outdoor operas, practically at the gates of the Villa Ambretta.

Lyrical arts on the Massa Marittima plaza (50min from the Villa Ambretta)

Lirica in Piazza – Massa Marittima
Phone number: +39 566906525

At the heart of the medieval village of Massa Marittima, in front of the cathedral, listening to an Italian opera that begins with the chirping of swallows is an unforgettable moment. Especially if you have taken the time to prepare yourself by arriving in the late afternoon to stroll through the narrow streets and dine in a restaurant along the walls overlooking the valley.

Puccini Festival (2h from the Villa Ambretta)

Via delle Torbiere 55049
Torre del Lago Puccini (LU)
Phone number: +39 0584 350567

There is Bayreuth, the Prom's, the Arena of Verona... but there is also the Puccini Festival. Of course, it's a two-hour drive from the Villa Ambretta, but why not go for the day, visit the Puccini villa, its gardens, and enter into the artist's intimacy to understand the sensory emotions that inspired his work? Going to the Puccini Festival is like going on a pilgrimage; you'll think about it long beforehand, you'll prepare yourself and you'll fall for its magic.

Morellino Festival

La Società della Musica,
Via Amiatina, 7
58054 Scansano GR

Morellino is first and foremost a high quality wine that all wine lovers know and love. It is a joyful wine that goes with so many different dishes. The Festival del Morellino has the same spirit: piano, voice, string ensemble... there is something for everyone. Concerts and recitals will sometimes take you to a medieval church, and sometimes to a wine estate or a Tuscan palace. Wine and music are an invitation to travel. Let yourself be taken away, you will not regret it.