qui sommes nous philippe et murielA Tuscan dream

During 20 years, we have spent our holidays on the Tuscan coast, in Maremma. There, we have discovered preserved medieval villages, sandy beaches, fruits and vegetables with forgotten flavours. We fell under the spell of the Tuscan landscape, harmoniously sculpted by its inhabitants, with its generous hills covered in olive trees, vines, fields, forests and wildlife.

Most importantly, we have met generous and welcoming men and women that we were happy to meet again every year. Little by little, Maremma became the calm and summery haven that made us dream during the rest of the year when we were living in Paris.

When, on a summer day of 2016, we saw a house built in the 1930s, on top of a hill from which we could see both the sea in the distance and the Monte Amiata ski station, we knew that this was where we wanted to live and share the pleasures of life in Maremma. 



 philippePhilippe Montigny

As an international civil servant and then an entrepreneur, I have had the chance to live and work in many countries. When I sold my company, I wanted to create a place in the spirit of the Italian Villas, fully included in nature and open to the world. This is how my wife and I decided to built the Villa Ambretta Estate, where we could welcome guests in a comfortable setting, where they could relax and follow the rythm of nature.

I will be happy to have a chat with in French, Italian and English, or even to exchange a few words in German.



Muriel Custodio

After I graduated art school, spending the major part of my life in an international organisation has kept me further than I would have liked from artistic production. With our Villa Ambretta Art Foundation, I am delighted to be able to accompany the artists and authors we host, and to organise exhibition, concerts or cultural events with them.

I will be happy to have a chat with you in French, Italian, English and Portuguese.