Cultivating olive trees and producing olive oil is our passion, and we will be delighted to share it with our guests.

Our olive tree fields are wonderful spots for meditative walks, as you will be able to encounter century-old trees with extraordinary shapes.

Depending on the time of your stay, you will be able to participate to the trimming of the trees or the harvest of the olives.

Trimming the olive trees


The trimming of olive trees is an ancient art. The goal is to shape the tree to maximise its olive production, make the harvest easier, and protect it from parasites.

The trimming essentially takes place during March or April, before the flowering period. Another trimming takes place bewteen mid-August and mid-October to remove the small spring branches that hinder the harvest.

If you happen to stay with us during one of these periods, we will be delighted to introduce you to olive tree trimming if you so wish. We will be able to provide you with leather gloves, a pair of pruning shears and a small hand saw. 

Harvesting the olives

récolte mainThe harvest takes place between October and the end of November, as each variety of olives matures at different periods. Moreover, the taste of the olive oil extracted will vary depending on varying levels of ripeness.

If you feel so enclined, we will be happy to invite you to a day of harvest and to take you to the olive oil press in the evening, to taste the oil of the olives you will have harvested.

Pressing the oil

Huile pressoir

By pressing the oil every night of the harvest, we can guarantee its freshness.

This also allows us to taste our oil every step of the way, in order to decide whether to accelerate or slow down the harvest to achieve the flavours we are looking for.

You will be able to accompany us on our way to the Aldobranseschi oil press, to see how it is made and taste the daily harvest!

Tasting the oil

huile test recadrée

With our expert, Andrea Magara, president of the panel of oil tasters of Livorno, we will be delighted to organise a tasting session for you.

You will learn the differences between a green, fruity and a ripe, fruity oil, but also how to recognise herbal, basil, or artichokes flavours.

For example, olive oils with a, "intense fruity green taste" will give a wonderful kick to your salads, while those with a "ripe fruity taste" will enhance the flavours of meat and fish.