During the height of winter, when the sun sets early, it is difficult to imagine the warmth of the month of June and the long summer evenings spent outside.

But at last, here we are. June has come, bringing with it those wonderful nights.

After dinner, the sun slowly sets behind the hills, lighting up the sky with colourful fireworks. Then, darkness starts to cover the olive tree fields.

Nightingales and blackbirds start to sing. The magical summer nights can begin. It is time to sit at the terrace with a glass of Vin Santo - this delicious sweet Tuscan wine - and enjoy the delightful atmosphere.

Voices get softer, silences get longer. Someone yawns, and it serves as a reminder of how warm the day was, now that sleep starts to cover people's eyes.

But it is delicious to remain outside a little longer, without doing anything, only to savour the sweetness of the air, under the light of the stars...

Life at Villa Ambretta

Living in Maremma, at the Villa Ambretta, allows us to enjoy the beauty of everyday events and things – this blog seeks to share this renewed joy with you.